Our Garden

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Our Garden

Formerly a Victorian Kitchen Garden, our garden is a peaceful oasis based in Portree on the Isle of Skye. The garden is comprised of three cultivated terraces producing fruit, vegetables, and flowers as well as two working polytunnels and an outdoor seating area. Attendees can participate in a range of gardening activities, training and skills development such as flower and vegetable growing, beekeeping, propagating seeds, soil management, dry stone walling and willow weaving. 

Working in the garden with others gives a shared sense of purpose as we work towards a common goal; the social interaction which results is more important than producing the vegetables or having a weed-free garden. However, having access to organically-grown, fresh, local produce is an important by-product for our volunteers, and for the local community.

Polytunnel and Garden


Our garden is comprised of three cultivated terraces producing vegetables, fruit and flowers.

We have a flower garden, herb bed, wildflower bed, fruit cages, native plant area and so much more!

Apple Trees
Garden Fork
Raised Beds

Produce Shed

Throughout the growing season, we sell local, organically-grown produce on a donation basis to the local community.

Would you like to donate your own produce to us?

If you have a surplus of produce at home or if you are a keen jam-maker, we would be delighted if you wanted to donate produce to help us raise money for the garden!


Activity Area

We regularly host events, workshops and activities in the garden such as yoga sessions, art workshops and open days.

We welcome ideas

Have you got ideas for workshops and activities that you would like to see happen at the garden?

Dougie's Shed
Watering Can

Nature Restoration

Environmental protection is at the heart of the work we do. We aim to protect our environment through developing ecological and sustainable working practices, continued restoration and maintenance of green spaces and promotion of eco-consciousness. We also aim to become a leading organisation in our area as a champion for the environment and green health practice.

Biodiversity & Climate Change

We are working to increase biodiversity in the garden through the development of a mixed-depth pond, extension of a mixed-species hedge, the planting of trees and wildlife corridors and through providing food and resources for birds and animals. We continue to remove invasive species such as rhododendrons and with a low soil-disturbance policy, maintain healthy soils that cycle nutrients and energy to help manage soil carbon.

Bird on Willow
Upper Terrace

Sensory Trail

We are working to establish a sensory trail in the garden to develop the mindfulness aspect of the garden. We hope the sensory trail will support people’s positive mental health and promote public support for future nature conservation and appreciation efforts in the local area. The benefits will extend to the local community, who visit our garden to purchase organic produce, or join in on workshops.

Would you like to help to support nature?

If you are passionate about protecting and supporting nature and your local environment, get in touch to find out more about volunteering at the garden!


We are lucky to have several bee hives to support pollination in the garden. Our resident beekeeper regularly offers beekeeping workshops where we learn about honey bees and have a go at spinning and tasting our own honey!

Garden Map

Upper Terrace

  • Upper Terrace Beds
  • Compost Areas
  • Top Shed
  • Bee Hives
  • Fruit Bushes
  • Forested Area and Habitat Piles
  • Native Plant Area
  • Mixed Hedge

Middle Terrace

  • Wildflower Bed
  • Vegetable Beds
  • Wildflower Bed
  • Herb Bed
  • Raised Beds
  • Pond
  • Rose Garden

Lower Terrace:

  • Activity Area
  • Produce Shed
  • Polytunnels
  • Dougie’s Shed
  • Flower Garden
  • Willow Tower
  • Fruit Cage
  • Apple Tree Line
      Garden Map